Here is *Periphery*, a strange game where I just started writing without anything much in mind except that name. I wasn't sure what it would turn into, but looking at it now I'm fairly happy with it. It's a brief game that will take you five or ten minutes, probably, to play. A vague science fiction feeling attaches, but it's supposed to dodge as much of the impulse to 'zoom in' on detail as possible. That was sort of the point, I think.

Writing is fun! It's really fun! I think I'm going to write more. I'd love any feedback you have, though. It's super difficult to make such a big transition and feel good about the output.

P.S. Don't worry, I still love PICO-8 and I have worked on PICO-8 stuff this month, but nothing that kept me going enough to finish. It's been a weird month, anyway.

\#onegameamonth December 2018


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Love it dude <3

Thank you!!! <3